General Organisation

IES Pedro Jimenez Montoya


 I.E.S PEDRO JIMÉNEZ MONTOYA is a bilingual educational institution, located in Baza, in the province of Granada, in the South of Spain.

Our school offers Compulsory Secondary Education, Post Compulsory Schooling (Spanish Baccalaurate) and Vocational Education Training, both initial VET and Upper or Superior VET courses. Since 2005 the school has been involved in several European programmes and initiatives such as COMENIUS, IPM, LEONARDO and ERASMUS.

Jimenez Montoya High School is a state-funded school managed by a school board, which incudes a Headmaster, a Deputy Head and  a Head of Studies, who intensely collaborate with the Heads of the different Departments and the programme coordinators. Among the VET courses offered you can find Administration and Management, Computing and Communications, Electricity and Electronics, Food Industry, Transport and Maintenance of Motor Vehicles, Health as well as Sociocultural and Community Services. 

Supported by the Foreign Language Departments, the Erasmus tutor is in charge of:

                - developing informative activities addressed to the school community

                - selecting the most suitable candidates to take part in these European projects, as well as motivating them

                - promoting the internationalization of vocational education and training, besides raising the quantity and quality of learning mobility

- establishing a formal procedure for the approval and monitoring of inter institutional agreements for study mobility and learning agreements

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